List stacks

List stacks within the given command path.


tkm stacks list [command-path] [--output <format>]

Positional arguments

  • command-path
    • Command path to select which stacks to list.
    • Optional, by default, Takomo lists all stacks.


In addition to the common options, this command has the following options.
  • --output <format>
    • Print the command result using this format
    • Supported values: text, json, yaml

IAM permissions

These are the minimum IAM permissions required to run this command.
- Sid: Stacks
Effect: Allow
Action: cloudformation:DescribeStacks
Resource: "*"
# IAM permissions needed only if command roles are used.
# Specify Resource to restrict access to specific roles.
- Sid: IAM
Effect: Allow
Action: sts:AssumeRole
Resource: "*"


List all stacks:
tkm stacks list
List stacks within the given command path:
tkm stacks list /prod