Quick start

This quick start guide will show you how to install and configure Takomo and deploy some basic infrastructure.

AWS credentials

During this tutorial, you'll deploy some stacks, so you need an AWS account where you can safely try things out.

Create an IAM user with administrator permissions.

Next, create access keys for the IAM user and configure them to your ~/.aws/credentials file. Let's name our profile as takomo-quick-start.

aws_access_key_id = ENTER_YOUR_ACCESS_KEY_ID_HERE
aws_secret_access_key = ENTER_YOUR_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY_HERE

Project initialization

We'll start by creating a new directory for your Takomo project:

mkdir takomo-quick-start

From now on, we'll call the takomo-quick-start directory as project's root directory.

Change to the root directory and initialize a new NPM project:

cd takomo-quick-start
npm init -y

Add Takomo as a development dependency:

npm install -D takomo 

Initialize a new Takomo project:

npx tkm init --create-samples --project quick-start --regions eu-west-1

From the command output you can see what directories and files were created. You might want to take a look at the files, there isn't much to see =).

Deploy stacks

Now that you have the project initialized, it's time to deploy the stacks. Go ahead and run the following command:

npx tkm stacks deploy --profile takomo-quick-start

Takomo will present you a deployment plan. Review it and continue when you are ready. Once the deployment completes, you can see a summary of what just happened.

Clean up

You can remove the created stacks by running the following command:

npx tkm stacks undeploy --profile takomo-quick-start

You'll see a plan showing what will happen next. Review the plan and proceed. After the operation you'll see a summary.

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