You specify a timeout in seconds for stack create and update operations by using the timeout property. Takomo cancels the operation if it takes longer than what you have specified in the timeout property. You can't set a timeout for the delete operation. Use 0 to disable the timeout.

You set the timeout for both create and update operations by specifying a single integer. You can also set a separate timeout for create and update operations by using an object with create and update properties.


Timeout of 180 seconds for both create and update:

timeout: 180

Timeout of 300 seconds for create and no timeout for update:

  create: 300

Separate timeouts for create and update:

  create: 300
  update: 120

Where to define

The timeout property can be defined in stack and stack group configuration files. If specified in a stack group, the stack group's children and stacks inherit the value. Stack groups and stacks can override the value they have inherited from their parent.


The timeout property must satisfy these requirements:

  • Must be an integer greater or equal to 0

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