Template bucket

By default, the maximum size for a CloudFormation template file is 51,200 bytes. Using larger template files, up to 460,800 bytes, requires that you upload them to an S3 bucket before deployment.

You use the templateBucket property to instruct Takomo to upload template files to a specific S3 bucket before the deployment. The bucket must exist.

The templateBucket property is an object with two properties: name and keyPrefix. The former is required and used to specify the bucket's name, and the latter is optional and specifies the object key prefix under which Takomo uploads the templates files.


Specifying a template bucket with a key prefix:

  name: my-bucket
  keyPrefix: template-files/

Specifying a template bucket with just a name:

  name: hello-bucket

Where to define

The templateBucket property can be defined in stack and stack group configuration files. If specified in a stack group, the stack group's children and stacks inherit the value. Stack groups and stacks can override the value they have inherited from their parent.


The templateBucket property must satisfy these requirements:

  • Name must be a valid S3 bucket name

  • Key prefix must be a valid S3 object key prefix

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